"Jenny Lincoln is one of those speakers who could talk about anything and you would be inspired to take action. She is vulnerable, charming, inspiring and brilliant at storytelling. She also knows how to give you actionable steps to improve your life and world because of how she shares her experiences in service of an audience. Your conference and company will be elevated by having Jenny speak." Director, Author, Producer, Founder of the Big Talk Academy, Tricia Brouk
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Jenny Lincoln? Oh, she’s that magical unicorn of speakers who could chat about paint drying and you’d suddenly want to renovate your house. Vulnerable yet tough, charming but no-nonsense, she’s a story-weaving sorceress with a knack for nudging you into action. Her talks are like lightning bolts to your heart & soul. Jenny’s got the mojo to lift your conference from meh to magnificent.
Her secret sauce? Serving up the truth with a side of love and a sprinkle of grace, holding authority and gentleness in perfect balance. She’s that wise nomadic sage with over 30 years in the corporate trenches & now diving headfirst into life’s biggest quandaries with the zest of a rebel heart.
Jenny is the visionary behind HUMNAV—the HUMan NAVigation Practice. Think of it as your inner GPS for all things leadership. It’s designed to support leaders who prioritise heart-centered, intuitive, and truth-driven leadership. Want a feedback loop that’s more personal than your smartphone and knows your purpose path better than you do? That’s HUMNAV. It’s like getting life’s cheat codes for being more—more potent, productive, successful, and heck, even more smiley on Monday mornings.

Speaking Topics

Charting Your Course with HUMNAV: Mastering the Human Navigation System for Success and Fulfilment  ~ In this game changing talk, Jenny shows you to tap into your own powerful Human Navigation System enabling you to run REAL TIME upgrades on the software programs of your mind.
NoMADness … Finding Freedom & Calm within the Chaos ~ In this powerful & entertaining keynote, Jenny takes you from the Edge of the Abyss to surrender control & find internal peace within the ‘madness’ of our ever changing environments.
Who Am I Really … Why your Self Identity Matters ~ In this illuminating keynote, Jenny reminds us that KNOWING & OWNING ‘Who we BE’ … consistently, visibly, authentically is vital to being Potent, Impactful & Effective Leaders.
Life was Meant to be Felt … Why the Relationship with our Emotions Matters ~ in this potent talk, Jenny provides a paradigm shift around EMotions being our Personalised EMailing system. They are a powerful form of guidance encoded with vital information to help you find AUTHENTICITY, FREEDOM & FLOW.

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