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The Sage from the Stage


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Redefining LEADERSHIP ... one conversation at a time

Leadership isn’t just a role, it’s a deeply personal journey.


Your secret to success is being VISIBLY, CONSISTENTLY, and TRULY YOU. It’s all about tapping into the essence of WHO you BE!


When you align with your genuine truth, not only do you become an wonderful leader, but that wonderfulness spills over into every corner of your life!


A full time nomad with 30+ years of Corporate leadership experience, Jenny Lincoln brings a unique lens to the stage. Living outside societal norms with little to no attachments … she has the freedom & peace of mind to tackle the big conversations.

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HUMNAV ~ Your HUMan NAVigation Practice

X Marks the Spot … Your Self Identity isn’t just about who you are, it’s the key to finding new pathways & unlocking the doors of opportunity.

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Jenny Lincoln is one of those speakers who could talk about anything and you would be inspired to take action. She is vulnerable, charming, inspiring and brilliant at storytelling. She also knows how to give you actionable steps to improve your life and world because of how she shares her experiences in service of an audience. Your conference and company will be elevated by having Jenny speak.
Tricia Brouk

Director, Author, Producer, Founder of the Big Talk Academy

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jenny Lincoln and I can confidently say that her energy and passion for leadership development is contagious. As the SAGE on the STAGE, Jenny has an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate those around her, encouraging them to speak their truth with love in their hearts.
I highly recommend Jenny Lincoln for her exceptional skills in leadership development. Her ability to ignite a life of potency, freedom, and love in others is unparalleled. Her work truly embodies the essence of true freedom – free from mind, an open and expansive heart space, guided by intuition.
Tina Larsson

Coop & Condo Board Consultant

Jenny spoke to the Power of Procrastination for our Mentorship group. The talk & coaching session was mind blowing! To think all these years we’d been cursing Procrastination & beating ourselves up for being lazy, unmotivated or wasteful with our time. When in reality it’s trying to point us in the right direction & give us clear feedback & directions.
So many ahha moments were had by all of us! I highly recommend Jenny to speak to your staff or colleagues as she sparks fresh perspectives & new ways of doing things in ways that better suit each individual within a group or team.
Jodie Burnham

Mentor at Affiliate Triad - Rapid Crush Inc

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