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Live Your Full Potential

It's your life

What's Stopping You?

Self Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs are like clothes … you out grow them. When you hold onto them out of habit or comfort, they squeeze the life out of you & cause discomfort like a tight pair of shoes!

Junk Thoughts & Head Trash

Junk Thoughts and Head Trash are just like junk food … they are all rubbish! They slow you down, shatter your focus & make it difficult to make the easiest of decisions.

Thinking Traps

Thinking Traps tend to pop you on the ‘Path of Procrastination’ vs the ‘Path of Full Potential’. Before you know it, you have justified your way out of the very thing you are yearning to do!

5 D's

Different, Difficult, Discomfort, Doubt & Disappointment. The 5 D's are gate keepers, they often hang out together, keeping you locked up in your Comfort Zone. The result ... you get overwhelmed by powerful emotions & become too scared, worried or anxious to move into your Courage Zone.


Fear can make you stupid! Yes it shuts down your higher order thinking, leading you to fight, flight or freeze responses. It literally narrows you view so you can only see the path in front of you as you flee the saber tooth tiger that is chasing you!


Responsibility is a popular block, obstacle or excuse, plus it often makes you feel like a BEAST of BURDEN. It’s time for a powerful REFRAME … Responsibility is about your ability to respond in the MOMENT! That feels lighter & brighter.

Elevate your Essences

Live Your Full Potential


Courage Is Like A Muscle … It Needs A Daily Workout


Love Powers Who We Are & What We Do


EMotions are just Energy in Motion … They Make You or Break You


The Power Of WOW Moves You Through Your Fears

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