Let the Power Of WOW … Move You Beyond Your Fears

Wonderment … the POWER of WOW … takes you beyond the boundaries of your mind, through your uncertainties, doubts and fears. It shifts your view so you can see new ways, opportunities, sources of joy and happiness.

When you open your heart & mind to a WORLD of WONDERMENT you start to see your life differently.

It shifts your perspective so you can …  

  • Step through fear
  • Dissolve Doubt
  • see yourself differently
  • spot new opportunities
  • find the happiness you seek
  • discover new sources of joy
  • lighten your heart
  • plus it’s candy for the soul. 

How does it do this?


Did you know that a single cell can either defend or grow … it cannot do both!

You are made up of 37.2+ trillion cells that can either defend or grow! Fear, doubt, stress, uncertainty all affect your higher order thinking capabilities and before you know it you become stuck in defensive mode resisting, judging, justifying and struggling your way through the day. When you open your mind to wonderment, feel good endorphins (dopamine and serotonin) are released signalling your body to relax and open up. Effectively resetting your mind to allow growth and opportunity to be seen and acted upon.

2. The POWER of WOW you gets you out of your head and into your heart.

Our minds are like a hotel and our thoughts are just guests. Some are fun to have around, others are unruly, intrusive, demanding and destructive! Remember …you are the Landlord … you get to set the Houserules!

We get attached to our thoughts allowing them to rule and define us. We get stuck in our heads thinking thinking thinking. Mindfulness is an attempt to shift our focus, but most people stay embedded in their head. The mind cannot trump the mind! You need an external resource … the Heart! Heartfulness trumps the mind and is actually what Mindfulness is trying to get you to do … Get out of your head!

3. When You Open Your Heart You See Yourself and your life differently

This helps you calm your Inner Critic and engage the guidance of your Inner Coach, giving you a greater sense of possibility and achievement!

The POWER of WOW … is an incredible source of vibrancy and aliveness that grows inside ~ When you cultivate the POWER of WOW the desire to jump out of bed and into your day is life changing!

The POWER of WOW creates a willingness to venture into the unknown with an open heart ~ Each experience boosts your confidence and grows the trust in your own capabilities, enabling you to step over your doubts and face your fears with an inner knowing that … YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Plus the POWER of WOW is candy for your soul ~ It is a form of fuel that will help carry you through tough times and keep you afloat when you feel like you are drowning in a sea of emotion or doubt. It becomes an inner life raft!


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