The Power of Procrastination

The Power of Procrastination

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Do you have a strong PROCRASTINATION game?

I've got news for you

Procrastination doesn’t mean …

~ you are lazy

~ there is something wrong with you

~ that you need fixing

It is a MYTH that you SHOULD try harder, be more disciplined, turbo boost your willpower or just knuckle down & do it!

The truth is ... PROCRASTINATION is here to deliver you POWERFUL messages.

It is actually trying to get you more PRODUCTIVE & PURPOSEFUL ... But you are JUDGING IT (& YOURSELF) as BAD & FRUSTRATING.

Procrastination can be your ally, a powerful messenger that gives you specific feedback from your true authentic self.

Say goodbye to all your frustration when you can’t push past that invisible barrier that’s stopping you from doing the thing you need to do! 

Instead … see the GIANT RED FLAG that is waving at you, trying to get your attention & deliver you some very important messages!

Here are the TOP 7 Messages procrastination is SCREAMING at you ...

you are out of ALIGNMENT

you need more CLARITY

you are doing things in ways that DON'T FIT your natural GIFTS, RHYTHM, or FLOW

you are getting caught up COMPLEXITY & PERFECTIONISM

you are under the influence of a FALSE FEAR

you are tripping over a SELF LIMITING BELIEF

you need more SELF CARE

My FREE Masterclass, The Power of Procrastination, teaches you how to listen to procrastination and use it as a tool to propel you forward on your Path of Purpose..

Procrastination is NOT the BAD GUY here ... (neither are you) ... it is here to communicate a POWERFUL MESSAGE that will fuel you & help you NAVIGATE your way to something that is more AUTHENTICALLY YOU.

Once you see, hear & feel the messages ... your RESISTANCE FALLS AWAY & you will have a greater sense of clarity & knowing of the ACTIONS you can & will take.

Join me to learn how to:

Harness the POWER behind procrastination and use it as an essential part of your toolkit

Tap into the MESSAGES procrastination sends you.

Make necessary course CORRECTIONS to remain connected to your authentic self.

Move into INSPIRED ACTION simply and easily.

Quiet your Inner Critic and SEE BEYOND your limited thinking.

Let go of PERFECTIONISM and only do what the situation requires.

It’s time to get procrastination working FOR YOU and NOT AGAINST YOU!