Self Limiting Beliefs

Self Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs are like clothes … you out grow them. When you hold onto them out of habit or comfort, they squeeze the life out of you & cause discomfort like a tight pair of shoes! This keeps you cosy on the couch & holds you back from living with Full Potency.

It is important to spend some reflective time seeing & feeling into your Self Limiting Beliefs as they are like being physically restrained.

The easiest way to do this is to feel into the areas in your life where you are feeling challenged or experiencing discomfort. Identify where you are being challenged & then ask yourself … ‘What do I believe for this to be so?’ Here’s two examples …

I wish my partner would listen to me more!

What do I believe for this to be so?

  • No one listens to me
  • I’m not good with words
  • I’m not taken seriously
  • I don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute

These are all Self Limiting Beliefs that are getting in the way of being heard!

Remember … Where Thought goes ENERGY FOLLOWS! It is you creating this situation through the placement of your thoughts, energy and emotions.

I don’t feel I can charge more for my products or services

What do I believe for this to be so?

  • I have to justify why I am raising my prices
  • I have to do more or give more to get a price rise
  • People will stop buying if I increase my prices
  • I don’t like talking about price

These are all Self Limiting Beliefs distracting you from the most important aspect of sales and marketing, showing the value of your product or service relative to the pain / challenge it solves for your client.

If you have a gnarly Self Limiting Belief that you can’t seem to shift out of … check out my Power Hour Coaching opportunity below.

Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs