19 Words and Phrases You Should Delete From Your Vocab

Self TalkSelf Talk has a huge effect on our confidence, capability and productivity. So it is important to be able to “speak the words you need to hear!”

Have you noticed … when you are feeling good about yourself, the day flows more easily. You seem to be able to clear all the hurdles that come your way with grace and ease.

When you are being hard on yourself, everything seems to take more time, effort and energy … and you still don’t get as much done! You feel heavier and you find it more difficult to connect with your natural rhythm and take flight.

Tune Into Your Self Talk

A big part of the problem is the way you talk to yourself. Have you tuned into your self talk lately? Much of your mind chatter goes unnoticed. So maybe it is time to hear what you are saying to yourself!

Your Confidence & Capability Is Being Eroded

For example, how are you ever going to get what you want in life if you are always saying … ‘I don’t know’. If this is a common response that seems to just tumble out of your mouth then you are going to feel purposeless and unheard. This can get you frustrated, angry and resentful. With a view that other people always get their way.

Or maybe ‘I don’t know’ is just dumbing you down so you don’t make a mistake or embarrass yourself. Either way, you are eroding your own confidence and capability. You are effectively taking yourself out of the game!

Do This One Thing

Take a look at my HIT LIST of words and phrases.

How many have you used today?

1. I don’t know
2. I should have
3. I have to
4. I’m tired
5. I don’t have time
6. I don’t know how
7. I can’t
8. I’m sorry
9. I never
10. I’m always
11. I hate
12. I wish I hadn’t
13. I’m lost
14. I’m not good enough
15. X does it better
16. Yes but
17. I’m hopeless at
18. I’m so stupid
19. It’s all my fault

Speak the Words You Need to Hear

Stop eroding your confidence and capability by learning to speak the words you need to hear.
Start by tuning into your Self Talk and become aware of the words that sabotage your productivity.

When you hear yourself using any of the words and phrases above … hit the pause button and change your vocab!

You can download my Self Coaching Card here to help you find more empowering words to lift you up rather than tear you down.