Responsibility is a popular block, obstacle or excuse, plus it often makes you feel like a BEAST of BURDEN. It’s time for a powerful REFRAME … Responsibility is made up of 2 words, response + ability. So it’s really about your ability to respond in the MOMENT! That feels lighter and brighter.

When you reframe Responsibility like this, your mind shifts from carrying a ton of weight to the space of agility, your ability to respond in the moment. The key here is movement and flow.

Let’s use a gym analogy to explain this. 

When you are working on your cardio the key is to keep moving. Repetition of movement is what builds capability here. If you load up too much weight you lose the ability to do continuous reps. The momentum slows and the cardio benefit is lost.

Response Ability is the same … it needs movement and flow … not load!

Another common limitation of responsibility is when you take up responsibility for another. Doing this hinders both of you in 3 ways …

  • you create dependency
  • you rob people of an opportunity to learn and grow
  • over time you can grow resentful

Try this instead …

When you start to feel the burden of Responsibility … grab a pen and paper, write down all that you feel responsible for. Then reframe it … ask yourself … if it’s about my ability to respond in the moment, what do I really need to be able to do?

Compare the lists and see what feels more lighter and brighter for you?

Overcoming Responsibility issues