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My FREE Masterclass, The Power of Procrastination, teaches you how to
listen to procrastination and use it as a tool to propel you forward on your Path of Purpose..

Join me to learn how to:

  • Harness the POWER behind procrastination and use it as an essential part of your toolkit

  • Tap into the MESSAGES procrastination sends you.

  • Make necessary course CORRECTIONS to remain connected to your authentic self.



November 17


3pm CDT /  9pm UTC (8am AEST / 10am NZST Thursday 18 Nov)



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What Others Are Saying

"My key takeaway was the piece about perfectionism: sometimes it's indulgent to be a perfectionist about things that do not require it; it serves you, not the situation. Some things can be good, some need to be better, others best."
"Procrastination gives me the space for reflection...I really get to assess and slow down and make good decisions after listening to my spirit"
"I really appreciated the self care piece: If you are procrastinating maybe you're not in the right frame of mind because you're exhausted, in which case procrastination is telling you to take break"