Love powers … Who we are … What we do & why we do it … It absolutely belongs in the work place!

Why is an open heart so vital for business?

When we are open hearted we are totally open to giving & receiving … It is the space where we are most connected with ourselves each other & everything in our world around us.

We become expansive, connected & at one … This facilitates flow. Flow is the ultimate for businesses whether it be with staff, customers, partners, suppliers & their communities. Free Flow is seamless

Open hearted leadership facilitates understanding which leads to compassion which leads to harmony.

Harmony allows people’s energy to be placed where it is most vital rather than being siphoned off into turf warfare, ego trips, closed door lobbying, blahs & personal grievances, judgemental seasaws etc.

Creating openness where people are supported to experiment & grow without the fear of failure … They are more likey to go the extra mile & take calculated risks

Where people can be heartfelt & find real purpose in what they care doing

Support & challenge are respected & encouraged to grow the culture & biz vs over sensitive or ego indulgences