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Meet Jenny

A Modern Polymath

An individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

Global Nomad

 A nomad of 7 years, Jenny lives outside the matrix of societal norms. This gives her a fresh perspective of ‘why we do the things we do’ & ‘how to do things differently!’Living life from the Courage Zone on a daily basis, Jenny has mastered how to move beyond your own boundaries, limitations & constraints.


An intuitive Human Behaviour Specialist, Jenny knows what drives and inspires people, as well as, why they fall and stall! Her life’s work has culminated with the creation of  HUMNAV ~ The Human Navigation Project. Where she helps Leaders, Achievers, Influencers & their communities, tap into their own Personalised Feedback Systems.


Jenny‘s ability to extract the wisdom from any moment, situation, circumstance or event is second to none. Her colourful stories & adventures as a nomad, combined with her memorable analogies & easy to use power techniques, has an immediate impact on all her audiences.

Writer & Word Wizard

Jenny’s writings and word art help open the hearts and minds of those seeking to live a true and authentic life. She is a freelance writer for Better Homes & Gardens and International House Sitting Magazine.


Corporate Executive

With more than 30 years of international Corporate & Commercial experience, Jenny has a distinctly diverse toolkit to facilitate behavioral change, growth & transformation.

Thought Leader & Influencer

 Jenny’s fresh perspectives, passion for personal alchemy & immersive experiences through HUMNAV ~ The Human Navigation Project, are waking people up to the POTENCY they hold within.

Equine Guided Facilitator

Being He(a)rd … our equine partners have deep wisdom on building healthy, harmonious & high performing audiences, teams & communities.