Love Powers Who We Are and What We Do


I’m not talking about the love you share with another. I’m talking about the love with which you view yourself, your life and your world. 

It has the most magical ability to TRANSFORM how you SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE everything around you.

I speak from experience … for I have come from places of brokenness, fear and restriction. 

But now, my heart is so open and it is so expansive … I feel like a whole universe could settle inside me.

I want YOU to experience this too!

Living life from a place of love gives you …

  1. Energy ~ an endless source of it
  2. Clarity and knowing ~ no need for deciding
  3. Curiosity and compassion ~ less judgement yay
  4. Perspective ~ being less reactive
  5. Heartfelt connections ~ I see you and you see me AUTHENTICALLY

Which of these would you like to experience more of?


It’s taken me 5 decades to work this one out … so save yourself some time and effort … learn from someone who’s done the hard yards …


My Self Love is so ROCK SOLID it has created the most amazing sense of internal KNOWING that prevails regardless of my + / – THOUGHTS. When you do this, your thoughts become more like GUESTS in the hotel your mind. You get to decide who stays and who goes!


Learning to love unconditionally has shown me the way to be AUTHENTIC with my EMotions [remember they are just Energy in Motion] so now I can stop judging them. When you feel EMotions this way, without the stories attached to them, you get to feel VIBRANT and ALIVE as they work their magic, colour your life and move on through! 


When you can resonate with the LOVE THAT IS YOU, you step into a WORLD of WONDERMENT.I call this the POWER of WOW. [link to Wonderment] When you are in this space, CONNECTION, TRUST, KNOWING and SYNCHRONOUS MOMENTS are your constant companions … they become powerful friends that support the achievment of your PURPOSE.


I now love ALL PARTS of ME which which is so LIBERATING + it has FREED up so much ENERGY. Energy that was being consumed in comparisonitis, judgement, resentment and struggle. Imagine being able to repurpose a bunch of energy … how would that feel for you?


Loving myself fully regardless of what it returned allowed me to develop a DIFFERENT RELATIONSHIP with my GIFTS and CREATIVITY. Without the judgement and hence the ego, it was easier to see and own my GIFTS, even the UNPOLISHED GEMS. I started to use them for the LOVE of IT, the LOVE of ME and for the LOVE of CREATING.  I realised that loving regardless of the RETURN was not just in RELATIONSHIPS. When you take this approach into your BUSINESS you transform the very nature of WORK! All of a sudden you become LESS ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME … which means you allow things to FLOW naturally vs trying to FORCE them.


When I started to love myself unconditionally the need to prove my own WORTH fell away. I KNEW my OWN VALUE and WORTH! With this newfound sense of KNOWING I could feel into what FAIR EXCHANGE looked like. This took the STRESS out of potentially DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS because I was comfortable with it being FAIR and REASONABLE. Not only that, my self worth stopped being a number + all the things I owned … I REALISED the core of MY ABUNDANCE is the RICHNESS that is WITHIN ME, and that becomes ATTRACTIVE and INTRIGUING to people!


Loving my family, friends, clients, business associates without the need for return, helped SIMPLIFY ALL my relationships. My actions came from ‘wanting to’, ‘the desire’ to vs ‘having to’ or ‘obligated to’. Imagine loving, connecting and engaging for the JOY it brings you! There is no expectation, blame, resentment or jealousy …. how beautiful. 

Furthermore, I decided to NEVER DILUTE MY LOVE FOR ANOTHER, even if it was one sided. My love is the ESSENCE of ME and I want it to flow FULL and STRONG. Remember … people are free to LOVE YOU in the way that is AUTHENTIC to them. So be AUTHENTIC with your love. EXPRESS it FREELY regardless of what you will get back in return … cause it’s the FUEL of LIFE as natural and vital as the air we breathe!

Overcoming Love issues