Junk Thoughts and Head Trash

Junk Thoughts and Head Trash are just like junk food … they are all rubbish! They slow you down, shatter your focus and make it difficult to make the easiest of decisions.

Things like …

  • Old beliefs
  • Unresolved triggers
  • Incompletes
  • Endless To do lists
  • Partial projects
  • Useless memories
  • Scorecards
  • Unmet expectations
  • Guilts
  • Complexity
  • Excess details

Create a huge amount of clutter, especially in your Conscious Mind.

Did you know … your Conscious Mind only processes information at a speed of 40 bytes per second vs your Sub Conscious Mind processing at a speed of 20 million bytes per second.

So when you jam your Conscious Mind full of Junk Thoughts and Head Trash you are setting it up to stall and shut down. This feels like brain fog and results in your focus becoming fractured, you get easily distracted, you have problems recalling things and basically your mind become unreliable. This causes additional stress and means you become very inefficient!

It is really important to keep our conscious minds clear and clean, with good sleep, daily rituals and Mentally Detoxing on regular basis. You can check out my Group Coaching Mental Detox program below.

Overcoming Junk Thoughts and Head Trash