EMotions are just Energy in Motion … They Make us or Break Us

Harmonisation allows you to rebalance your heart, mind, body and soul back to peace and harmony. Disturbance is usually created by our thoughts and /or our emotions. It is important to remember you are not defined by your thoughts and feelings … you are more than that!

Two important concepts to feel into …

1. Your EMotions are just Energy in Motion, that is why they are called EMotions

They are designed to move through you. They are the language of your Metaphysical Body, your heart, mind, body and soul. Therefore they are a very important communication system. If you bury or stifle them or even dial them down, you are messing with your INTERNAL COMMS. This will make it harder and slower to understand and find what is right for you. This in turn affects you DISCOVERING the TRUE YOU and what your are here to do … your PURPOSE in life.

2. Your mind is like a hotel and your thoughts are just guests

Some bring you joy and are fun to have around. Others are unruly, intrusive, demanding and leave a mess in their wake! As the Landlord … you get to set the Houserules and say who stays and who goes!

If you are feeling out of balance … swimming in a sea of swirling emotions or you are having problems switching off … try my C.A.L.M Clearing Technique.

C.A.L.M = Centre ~ Anchor and Ask ~ Let Go ~ be Moved

I love this technique … It gets you out of your head and into your heart. Connecting with your heart space is one of the most powerfully calming things to do.

It’s my own personal technique that I use daily or multiple times throughout the day. The full version is 20 mins. When you practice it regularly, you can do it as a quick Power Up or Power Down … whatever you need.

You can download it from Google Drive here.


Overcoming Harmonisation issues