Fear can make you stupid! Yes it shuts down your higher order thinking, leading you to fight, flight or freeze responses. It literally narrows you view so you can only see the path in front of you as you flee the saber tooth tiger that is chasing you!

The reality is … most of our fears are just False fears!

Research suggests that you are 96% less creative than when you were a child.

I believe that you still have a vivid imagination, it’s just showing up differently … as fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. Your imagination takes off like a rocket and plays like there is no tomorrow. This is what creates False Fears … all those worst case scenarios that are so unlikely to come to fruition. But you still entertain them. It’s just like watching horror movies … you want to scare the pants off yourself!

This is when you need a small dose of Courage [link] or to experience the Power of WOW [link]… Wonderment. You can totally repurpose your imagination from fear into joyful doing through employing the Power of Wonderment.