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Mental Makeovers

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Self Worth Drives Net Worth

Who you think & feel you are, greatly influences what you receive in life @work & @play. If you don’t value & appreciate yourself … how can anyone else – customers, clients, family & friends!

Perhaps you are discounting yourself or diminishing your talents / efforts. If so, this will be appearing as difficulties in:

achieving […]

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Dissolving Doubt

Self doubt can creep into anyone’s performance. If left unattended the doubts grow bigger & stronger. Planting itself right in the midst of your life, disrupting your attempts to be your best & better your best. Any form of consistency seems elusive. Even your steely will seems to have left you in the lurch!

If […]

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What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

A personal invitation
Instruction or direction
The right time or place
A new start
Opportunity to knock on your door
To be discovered
Find purpose & meaning
Permission to live
Courage to fail

One thing’s for sure … same same no different! So try a new tact … get interested & get going. It’s your choice!

You are past sitting […]

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Get Out of Your Way … I Say!

So often we are our own worst enemies. Our mind gets in the way causing havoc. We start to believe the internal chatter or we over think a situation or event, complicating something that really is simple.

Certainty & knowing becomes elusive & before we know it … our confidence erodes before our own eyes!

High […]

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Grappling with Guilt

More often than not … we have a bunch of guilt’s rattling around in our psyche. They affect the way we act, react & interact with people @work & @play.  This affects our performance, productivity & the way we lead ourselves & others. Consider the following:

Over reacting or being defensive when someone takes the […]

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Don’t Be A Beast Of Burden

Does your mind feel like a pack horse … lugging its load to & fro 24*7!

Are you carrying a mountain of:

Complexity & clutter?

Learn to travel light without consciously cramming your mind, allowing more creative space for spontaneous & inspired action. Call Jenny Lincoln on 0408 643 957 (within Australia) or +61 408 643 957 […]

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Mental Detox – Ctrl Alt Del

Every day in every way we are collecting emotional & mental baggage. Like a piece of Velcro …  so much seems to stick!

Healthy high performers take the time to detox mentally & emotionally. They care about their state of mind … knowing it is a vital part of sustainable success.

High performance professionals & athletes […]

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Something’s Missing … In My Life!

You have all the ‘symbols of success’ yet something’s missing. There is a feeling inside of you that leaves you empty & unsatisfied.

Things don’t excite you the way they did before. You’ve worked hard to get here but you are lacking fulfilment & joy. There must be more to life!!!

There is … it’s time […]

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More for Me!

Are you:

Feeling out of balance?
Sick of give give giving?
Feeling close to the edge?
Resenting your efforts?
Facing burn out?

If yes … then it’s time to do more for you! The scales are out of whack … so rebalance before you push too far!

Find out how you can tip the scales without compromising you & those around […]

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Free To Be Me

Are you free to be you in whatever you do?

Do you feel genuine & authentic or are you maintaining a facade? Curbing & controlling the true essence of you?

Where is the fear in letting your authentic self be seen? Will you be:

Ridiculed or laughed at
Good enough
Ignored or passed over
Inappropriate or unprofessional
A misfit
Exposed or caught […]

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Hidden Fears … Crouching Demons

It’s amazing how many executives & business owners have fears (big or little) that have been buried along the way. Often, this is the fuel for striving & driving so hard.

Over time however these underlying fears keep you tethered to your work. The fear of exposure or being found out lurks in the back […]

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It’s All I Know!

You have poured your heart & soul into your work & you have nothing to show for it! The scary thing is … it’s all you know … so how do you make a change?

For some …  the hardest aspect of making the change is the uncertainly & not knowing. We all have a […]

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Sorry … I Can’t Hear You!

What really blocks the transfer or scrambling of meaning when we communicate? Is it our language, the process, the vehicle or the message?

How is it that when we travel to foreign lands we can convey meaning & be understood when we don’t even speak the language?

If you are experiencing communication problems perhaps it has […]

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