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Emotional Regulation

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Our emotional responses can be intense, liable & unproductive. Often they highjack our actions & take over control. Learn how to regulate your emotions / moods so you can maintain your focus & continue to act productively / effectively. Practical techniques to utilise emotion & story as powerful communication & persuasion tools.

Ride,  Regulate, Rebalance – Practical techniques that can be implemented immediately

Public Perceptions – Examine supportive / unsupportive emotions in the workplace. How are they being interpreted by you … by others? ID new options / responses

Reframing Past Patterns – Ellis’s ABCD model to retrain the brain

Emotional Motives – The role of emotions as Intrinsic Motivators to initiate action. ID carrot & stick motivators

Emotional Enhancement – Using ‘story’ as emotional transport to connect, influence, communicate & persuade.

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